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Where is their identity?
Published on November 12, 2006 By FishHead In Dogs
So i recently acquired a dog, if acquired is the correct the word that is. Dog may not necessarily be the right word either, unless you've definition of the word equates to an evil robot that turns your back yard into an scene from one of, if not all of, the Terminator movies.

That being said, she is undeniably cute. For proof, see here. She is supposed to come when you call out "Sasha" but this is not always the case and sooner or later she really does need to learn to sit and stay. But i do digress from my reason for finally blogging again.

I have discovered that when you get a dog you seem to lose your identity and then become all about said dog. Whilst i am not at this point yet, and given my insight i hope not to get there, my interaction with other dog owners does seem to prove this and i shall explain why.

Sasha is 18 or so weeks old now, and has just finished her vaccination schedule. Finally i was able to take her down to the local dog park and hopefully meet some new friends, possibly for both of us. The first time i went down was thursday, there were about six dogs and their equivalent owners. As it was our first time there we were both swarmed. Well, that's what i expected anyway. What actually happened was Sasha was swarmed by both species and i was spoken to simply to ask what breed she was, how old and what was her name.

I can understand that, she is after all undeniably cute and i'm not even in that spectrum. I would think though, that after having spent an hour there and getting introduced to all the dogs that someone would have mentioned what their (being the human's) name was, and maybe have even asked mine. That however didn't happen. I walked away knowing the name of six dogs and no owners.

The second trip today was pretty much exactly the same, except there was more conversation with owners. Still no idea who i was talking to though and i'm really beginning to think that these people just forget that they're humans when they go out with their dogs. Hopefully this isn't the case, maybe my dog has to pass muster with them before i'm allowed into the dog owner clique.

Whatever it is, i thought it was worthy of a mention.

on Nov 12, 2006
See now if they would all do that we'd be better off
on Nov 13, 2006
hee hee, it can be like that sometimes. you can think of interesting names for the people and giggle to yourself when you go there next
on Nov 13, 2006
hmm... maybe i could use pig latin on their dogs names and call them that?
on Nov 14, 2006

third and fourth times there were the same story, i think i might have to actually drop my name at some point and see if they catch on.