C'mon in, the water's fine
My apologies to the host.
Published on October 22, 2005 By FishHead In Welcome
They say it's fashionable to be five minutes late, I've never really subscribed to that view always preferring to be five or so minutes early. Nevertheless in this case it would be easy to say I'm far beyond fashionably late.

I'd always ignored the whole blog phenomenon, of course i enjoyed reading some but being one of those people who only passes on forwarded emails if absolutely necessary (and no, i don't believe that adding my name to the bottom of list then passing it on to 10 friends will get me laid, bring me good luck, prevent wars or even tick off Bill Gates), I've never even subscribed to any of the friendship circle thingies around the net. Sure i get invitations but slowly but surely I've built processes to have them deleted as spam.

A few other things held me back as well. I had an overwhelming sense that should i ever start one there would only be two options. The first was that it would start to consume my life, going so far as to preoccupy my daily thought routine with thoughts such as 'i wonder if i could blog about this.'

At the other end of the scale it occurred to me that given the composition of my grey/white matter i would end up posting on the very rare occasion something really exiting like winning lotto or being held at gunpoint happened. Hopefully the reality lies somewhere in between those two extremes.

So here i am, the party is probably over but I'll do my best to keep it kicking. Should my part of the party fade feel free to kick the host and remind him to keep the music cranking.

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