C'mon in, the water's fine
it's the little things that count
Published on November 27, 2005 By FishHead In Blogging
So things are almost back to normal with the boys, short term at least.

Caleb came out of the operation fine. Well, that’s not 100% correct, he came out looking like he’d taken one too many valiums to calm the nerves. Never seen someone looking so dopey, granted I’ve lived a self-constructed sheltered life but still, the kid looked like he hadn’t slept in a week. So he did, not for a week, really only about an hour and a half but it felt that long because hospitals are so boring.

And then he awoke and went straight back to his normal self, a couple of hours later I was getting him in trouble for beating up his older brother so quite clearly he isn’t feeling that bad. He’s not a big fan of the earplugs and the weird cap thing he needs to wear to prevent water getting in his ears.

Micah is fine; back to getting beat up by his younger brother (gotta teach that kid some passive self defense principles). Arm is still in a sling but given he can use that arm to try and push me over (ok, so he pushed me over. gotta give him some self esteem) I think he’s doing ok.

So once I deal with the unnatural balance between my boys, things should swing back into the realms of normality.

on Dec 01, 2005
maybe you should get caleb one of those trendy cones they put on dogs to stop them from scratching their ears.

good to see you the other day, by the way.
on Dec 02, 2005
it would need to be matched with a cone hat, one of those straw thingies that the Vietnamese wear, as well as most asian countries for that matter, as there needs to be a prevention of water in ears happening. i for one would find that look quite interesting.

and it was awesome to see you guys, maybe i'll be seeing you again really soon - like today.
on Dec 04, 2005
hehe... then he'd look like a frisbee or ufo or something. that could be cool!